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Howdy Folks and welcome to Wild West Ornaments.

Wild West Ornaments is based in the old west town and wildlife paradise of Dubois, Wyoming. Located in the Wind River Mountains just south of Yellowstone National Park, the Dubois area is home to some of the largest wildlife herds in North America and a haven to several nationally known artists, including Monte Baker.

As a professional artist and master carver, Monte creates original works of art which in turn serve as inspiration for his Wild West Ornaments. Once a subject has been chosen, Monte then carves a prototype out of moose antler. Prototypes are then reproduced in dental resins and hand painted with acrylics to create the finely detailed final products we call Wild West Ornaments. The ornaments range in size from 3.5X5 to 5X7 and can be used to decorate almost anything from Christmas trees to wind chimes. Our new card holder applicaton can be matched with any of our big game ornaments. The size is suitable for business cards to index cards and can be used for a variety of card display applications.

A prolific artist, Monte is constantly producing new art pieces, many of which will serve as future subjects for the Wild West Ornament line. Monte can also create custom pieces so if you are interested in a specific ornament and can't find it in our catalog, simply use the contact information and discuss your idea with the artist. We are always looking for retail partners, so if you have the shelf space and want to fill it up with a truly unique product line please feel free to contact us.

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